How many caries does a Brix3000 tubes yield?
With its 90 applications (30 per each ml) yields at least 45 caries depending on the cavity size.
What presentations of Brix3000 are available?
3.0 ml. multi-dose ecological tubes. Its secondary packaging is made of inviolable cardboard boxes containing syringe with its corresponding label and patient package insert. It does not require cold-chain preservation.
Does Brix3000 replace the drill?
In many cases it does. Sometimes, in cases of retentive cavities, the drill is used as a complement to turn them expulsive to facilitate their treatment.
What happens if a patient ingests Brix3000?
Nothing, since it is made of innocuous, authorized active ingredients and excipients in compliance with competent sanitary authorities.
What happens when your skin comes into contact with Brix3000?
Brix3000 does not cause dermal irritation since it has been dermatologically tested.
Is it necessary to use any special obturating material to fill the cavity?
The usual.
Is it necessary to keep Brix3000 refrigerated?
No, it can be store at room temperature. That is one of its main characteristics.
What happens if Brix3000 is exposed to high temperature or direct sunlight?
Store between 4 and 36°C. Do not expose the product to direct sunlight and keep it in its container.
Can Brix3000 change natural colour of healthy dentin?
No, since its composition does not produce chromogenic residue.
Can I use Brix3000 to diagnose a possible cavity?
Yes, due to the fact that it only acts on infected dentin without damaging healthy dentin.
How do I apply the product to a cavity?
Pour the product on a glass tile and apply to the lesion with a blunt spoon.
What previous preparation does a patient require for the application of Brix3000?
If necessary, enlarge the diameter of the cavity with manual or rotary instruments if available to get an expulsive cavity. In case of large lesions, apply directly
Is it necessary to apply anaesthetic before the application of Brix3000?
No, because of its characteristics, if necessary, it could be used.
Does BRIX3000 require isolation?
Just relative isolation.
Can I place the BRIX gel on a flat surface and then pick it up with a tool?
How much gel should I apply to a cavity?
Depending on the cavity size, as a general rule, the equivalent to “half a grain of rice”.
Can it be used for all types of caries?
Yes, it can be used for acute and chronic dentin caries.
Can Brix3000 be applied to any type of patients?
Yes, including pregnant women and patients with systemic diseases.
Does or could Brix3000 have any kind of contraindications or adverse reaction?
It does not have adverse reactions and it is contraindicated in teeth with spontaneous pain and fistulas.
Can I apply Brix3000 to several caries at the same time?
Yes, it is one of its main characteristics.
How long do I have to wait once I´ve applied the gel to a cavity?
At least 2 minutes.
What happens if I let it work longer than indicated?
Nothing, because the enzyme will only work on the infected tissue and it will be inactive when it comes into contact with healthy tissue due to the presence of alpha-1 antitrypsin antiprotease. Brix3000 does not damage healthy tissue.
How do I remove Brix3000 gel?
Using a Black spoon or a similar tool and with pendulum movements.
Do I need to apply pressure to remove the infected dentin and the gel?
No, it is not necessary due to the proteolysis produced by Brix3000, which softens necrotic tissue for removal.
Is Brix3000 innocuous to soft tissue and healthy dentin?
Yes, due to the presence or alpha-1 antitrypsin antiprotease in the tissue, which deactivates the enzymatic action.
Can I apply gel again in case I haven´t removed all of the necrotic tissue?
Yes, application is repeated until the gel that comes out of the cavity looks similar to the original contained in syringe.
How does the cavity look after the removal of the infected dentin and gel?
The dentin has a vitreous aspect and the gel returns to its original aspect.
Do I have to apply acid etching gel before obturation?
Identical protocols are used for the different obturating materials.
Are products bought online from platforms, such as eBay and Amazon, of the same quality as products, bought from official dealers? ality

No, products, sold on platforms, such as eBay and Amazon are not of the same quality as products, bought from official dealers. They are copyright infringment fake products, for which the official manufacturer BRIX SRL Argentina does not take any responsibility. No replacement or refund will be made for products, bought from such platforms.


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